Pop-Up Pilgrims


A horde of demons has ransacked the land and stolen Floating Cloud God's sacred scrolls! Without them, Floating Cloud God is powerless! Guide a gang of faithful followers on a quest to reclaim the scrolls!



A loyal and devoted follower of Floating Cloud God.

Pilgrims never stop walking, and turn around at island edges.


A once powerful deity now finds himself unable to defend his followers.

He can use his clouds to guide the pilgrims on their quest.


Pilgrims want to help Floating Cloud God but they aren't good navigators...

If they reach an island's edge they'll simply turn around.


Monks are just older Pilgrims!

Gain Monks in your gang by clearing stages without losing anyone.


Dancers are just dressed-up pilgrims!

Gain Dancers in your gang by clearing stages without losing any pilgrims.


Archers can't do the normal pilgrim Roll-Attack, but instead...

they'll fire arrows towards your cloud when commanded!


Warriors run fast, and slay any enemy they encounter!

They're also pretty good at smashing rocks.


These dog-like creatures won't help you until

you give them three Demon Orbs each.


There are over sixty of these to pass through!

Try to get eight pilgrims to the goal of each stage.



The pilgrims' primary goal is to defeat the six powerful demons who each hold one of Floating Cloud God's sacred scrolls.

Sacred Scroll

This powerful item holds the key to Floating Cloud God's power. No one seems to know what's written on the scrolls but as long as they work, that's ok!

Demon Orb

These mysterious green objects don't look particularly tasty, but guardian statues really love them! Feed three of these to a guardian statue and they'll help the pilgrims to progress.

Golden Octopus

There are eight small octopus statues in each stage. Although they don't do much on their own, perhaps they'd make for a nice trophy?

Guide Leaves

When Pilgrims reach the edge of an island, these leaves are their guide.

Guide Leaf (Far)

These tell a Pilgrim to jump to their left (one layer further away).

Guide Leaf (Near)

These tell a Pilgrim to jump to their left (one layer nearer).


Pilgrim Coin

Pilgrims can carry these coins to houses in order to invite a new member to join them. Good for replenishing your numbers, and certain houses are full of Archers or Warriors!

Devotion Hearts

Show Floating Cloud God some love with a Devotion Heart, and he can then use that love to place Cloud Commands to move Pilgrims around.

Direction Stone

Sometimes Pilgrims come across a Direction Stone and, being such obedient types, they will always follow the instruction displayed on it. Pay attention to Direction Stones when planning routes!


Look around when wearing the PS VR headset to move your cloud cursor and use the DualShock to issue commands!

Press L2 for Roll-Jump!

Jump chasms, hit switches, or attack enemies with the all-purpose Pilgrim Roll-Jump. The nearest Pilgrim to the Cloud Cursor will spring into action. 

Push Up/Down to switch layers.

Move the Cloud Cursor in and out of the world between layers with the Left Stick or direction buttons. 

Hold R2 to place Cloud Commands.

Whilst holding R2, push a direction to place a specific Cloud Command. The first Pilgrim to reach the command will act upon it. You can only place Cloud Commands whilst Floating Cloud God has devotion hearts to spare.


Take more precise control with these inputs.

Push the Right Stick to select a Pilgrim!

Push your selector in any direction from the Cloud Cursor to select a specific Pilgrim. When you release, you don't even need to press L2 to issue a command. 

Press X to cancel a Cloud Command.

If you want to remove a Cloud Command, just hold or press X when looking at it. 

Hold Triangle to speed things up!

Although you can't issue commands when speeding things up, if you are happy with the way things are going you might want to hurry the Pilgrims along, and this button does just that!

VR Calibration

You can recalibrate the VR position at any time by holding the Options button. If you find yourself lost in a cloudy VR world, hold Options to pop the world back into place!

Two Player mode: BORB The Pig!

A second player can use the TV to help (or hinder) progress as BORB!

This is BORB!

BORB can switch between layers at will, jump to collect items, and even shove pilgrims over gaps with a dash.

Please note: We have become aware of an issue with BORB not receiving commands from a second player in some situations. While we work on an update to address this problem, if you have trouble commanding BORB, please log out of the second player's account, log in as a guest and try again.

Use the Direction Pad to change direction and switch layers.

BORB will switch between layers in a puff of clouds. But if BORB runs into an enemy, it's back to the start!

Push Circle to dash!

BORB is mostly helpful, and anything BORB collects counts towards the main objectives. However, BORB can push Pilgrims around and sometimes, this can mean horrible Pilgrim doom. Take care, BORB!