PlayStation VR is nearly here!

If you’re wondering what a studio with such a dedication to 2D gaming as Dakko Dakko might do in the deeply 3D arena of Virtual Reality, well we will soon (really very soon) be able to show you! Until then though, PS VR is gearing up for launch and I’m pretty crazily excited about its initial games lineup! Not sure what I’m on about? Check out a neat review of the hardware, here:

The Independent: PS VR Review

All you really need to know is that there is Rez Infinite! ūüėČ

REZ. INFINITE. The Verge on Rez Infinite

But, actually I’m even more excited about playing ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’ again. I first played it at GDC a couple of years ago and it is unforgettably tense and satisfying (perhaps even more so when you’re playing it in front of many of your peers…).

We’re still early in the life of VR but with a first wave this fun and interesting, these next few years are sure to turn up many more such gems. I can’t wait.

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The UK Games Map

Interested in finding out more about Games companies in the UK? Here they have been conveniently pinned to a map:

UKIE and Nesta’s UK Games Map

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Like Dakko Dakko? ‘Like’ Dakko Dakko!


We’ve been so busy we sort of forgot about our Facebook page for a while there! But now it’s back, so make the short pilgrimage¬†over to Facebook¬†and click ‘like’ to get¬†the latest goings on¬†at Dakko Dakko in your timeline (and say Hi!)

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To all our players this Valentine’s Day…


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So, there goes 2015…

The busy, inspiring, heartbreaking year that was 2015 is complete.

This year at Dakko Dakko, we…

…brought Scram Kitty to PS4 and Vita, and released a big update,¬†v2.0.

…became VR converts¬†after a truly inspiring GDC.

Crescent Bay

…took a Year Walk on Wii U with our friends at Simogo. Check out the controls!

…made (and shelved) some really neat¬†prototypes (like the one pictured below, which we put on hold¬†earlier in the year).


And most importantly we began production of our new game (not pictured here, for REASONS ūüėČ ) which is the¬†craziest, most inventive and most fun game we’ve ever worked on. Details coming soon!

Outside of Dakko Dakko:

Loved: Her Story, Line Wobbler, Splatoon, Fire Emblem: If, Mushroom 11, SPL-T.

Lost: Two beloved cats and a dog, and a genuine hero.

And even though not released this year, continued to play so much Smash Bros. that it has to get a special mention (any excuse to use this screenshot)


Thanks to everyone who played and made games in 2015. Here’s to a happy, successful, and (most of all) fun 2016!

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