GDC time!

We’re taking our latest, greatest (yet STILL unannounced!) creation to GDC at the end of the month, and looking forward to showing it off ‘behind closed doors’ in advance of its pending reveal! If you’d like to see us in SF, you can get hold of us via @dakkodakko or via the addresses on the press page.

Last time we were at GDC we didn’t have an instagram account so, prepare for many Breakfast Burrito photos to appear on the feed…

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PlayStation VR is out!

If you’re wondering what a studio with such a dedication to 2D gaming as Dakko Dakko might do in the deeply 3D arena of Virtual Reality, well we will soon (really very soon) be able to show you! Until then though, PS VR is gearing up for launch and I’m pretty crazily excited about its initial games lineup! Not sure what I’m on about? Check out a neat review of the hardware, here:

The Independent: PS VR Review

All you really need to know is that there is Rez Infinite! šŸ˜‰

REZ. INFINITE.Ā The Verge on Rez Infinite

But, actually I’m even more excited about playing ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’ again. I first played it at GDC a couple of years ago and it is unforgettably tense and satisfying (perhaps even more so when you’re playing it in front of many of your peers…).

We’re still early in the life of VR but with a first wave this fun and interesting, these next few years are sure to turn up many more such gems. I can’t wait.

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The UK Games Map

Interested in finding out more about Games companies in the UK? Here they have been conveniently pinned to a map:

UKIE and Nesta’s UK Games Map

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Like Dakko Dakko? ‘Like’ Dakko Dakko!


We’ve been so busy we sort of forgot about our Facebook page for a while there! But now it’s back, so make the short pilgrimageĀ over to FacebookĀ and click ‘like’ to getĀ the latest goings onĀ at Dakko Dakko in your timeline (and say Hi!)

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To all our players this Valentine’s Day…


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